2 thoughts on “Improving Motivation

  1. karen aguilar

    My score was a 48. I will be more motivated and have a better group of people around me to support me when I am going through hard times. I don’t need negative people in my life when I am trying to set these high goals for myself. I also have to set more goals for myself so I can accomplish them and set the bar higher to get what I want. I will not stop at anything to get what I need in life. I want to be successful in life. I need to remain more focused in life and have more clarity in what I want to do because; I am all over the place when it comes to making decisions.

  2. Claire

    The results of my quiz were that I was doing okay at being self motivated, but I could be achieving much more. What I need to do to become more motivated is definitely build more self confidence in my self and my ability to study and do well on assignments if I put in 100% effort. I have set high goals for my self, but I think also that may be hindering my abilities because I put so much pressure on my self, but when I do bad on one thing or in one class, it kills my esteem and become contagious when I work on other classes. I scored the lowest in self confidence and in focus. I scored the highest in motivating environment and positive thinking about the future. Do score even higher I need to think positive and become more organized in order to achieve my goals.

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