Learning Support

Being Present

Whether in class or while doing homework, use these activities to help you focus in the moment.

Note Taking

These are strategies for taking notes while you are reading a text or listening to a lecture.


These strategies not only help you read, but they also help you to better engage with the content so that you learn the materials.

Student Academic Services

Most institutions of higher education have a variety of support services to help you with your classes. Learn about what support services are available at your institution, and start planning when and where you might use these services.


Reading and listening and doing homework are not enough to succeed in college. You need to engage with the material (on a regular basis, not just before a test!).


The syllabus is an important document that outlines the path to success in a given course. Use these activities to help navigate your course syllabi.

Mid/End-of-Course Activities

If you’d like to remember what you’ve learned past a mid-term or final exam, consider doing some of these longer-term reflection and engagement activities.