Five-Minute Flash Presentation

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Sarah Ross


  1. Choose 10 images that represent your project.
  2. Develop a visual that tells the “story” of your project (use a presentation tool like PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, VoiceThread, Slideshare, Google Slides, etc.).
  3. Do not include any words on the slides. Be sure to include a citation for each image in the “notes” area of each slide.
  4. Write a 30-second blurb for each image (you should end up with 5 minutes of material).
  5. Record yourself giving your presentation (use an audio-recording tool like VoiceThread, Screencast-O-Matic, Open Broadcaster Software, Snagit, etc.).
  6. Share-out: Upload your presentation somewhere like YouTube, Vimeo, or in Google Drive. Provide a link to your resulting presentation in the comments thread below.