Peer Read-through Aloud for Sentence-Level Copyediting

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Lotte Grønkjær

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Lotte Grønkjær

This activity is designed to help you catch sentence-level grammar and mechanics errors. Use this strategy after you have finished developing and organizing your project’s content.


  1. Find a peer, friend, or family member willing to read the content of your project out loud.
  2. If possible, print a copy of your project for your reader and yourself. If not, you and your reader will both need a device that will facilitate viewing your project.
  3. Ask your reviewer to read your work out loud in a conversational voice with a natural cadence.
  4. Listen closely to the reading.
    • Listen for phrases that sound confusing.
    • Listen for instances where the reader might stumble over your writing.
    • Listen for word choice concerns.
    • Listen for subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement.
    • Listen for any awkward-sounding phrasing.
  5. As you listen, make notes on your hard copy or on your computer.
  6. Share-out: Highlight an edit that you make, take a picture or screenshot of it, and post it below in the comments thread.

61 thoughts on “Peer Read-through Aloud for Sentence-Level Copyediting

  1. Robert King

    I changed “More accurate means have been proposed to account for this error.[1][2][3][4][5]” to “More accurate means have been proposed to account for this error, such as using mathematical means, communication networks, altimeters, electro-conductive paint, and optical fiber response.[1][2][3][4][5]”


  2. Anthony S.

    Peer Review

    Incase some comments are blurry, here are the top 3.

    Title should reflect project purpose
    Power and energy are related (remove one)
    explain how blades transform energy.


  3. Shante Dickerson

    Working with my partner I know I need to separate some of my run on sentences with a period. This is funny because am know for this according to my mother. Once my partner was finished I also ran over my plan of execution. My partner provided me with some extra point of views to strengthen my paper. Overall a pretty good session!


  4. Samantha Schneider

    Kaitlin Edwards was my peer reviewer:
    She was able to help me round up some of my thoughts through out my rough draft and better organize them into sections with headings to help guide the reader. She helped me correct some run on sentences and spelling errors through out. Overall she thought the flow of the paper was good and the topic was interesting with the rough information I had given.

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