Self-Review: Paragraph Analysis

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Alan

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Alan


  1. Make a copy of your current draft of a research project.
  2. For EVERY paragraph in the draft, answer the following questions:
    • What is the main topic of this paragraph?
    • How does this paragraph function in the argument/arrangement of the paper?
    • How is this paragraph connected to the one above?
    • How is this paragraph connected to the one below?
  3. After completing this analysis, briefly reflect about what you learned. What sections of your paper will you revise? How? Why?
  4. Share-out: Copy/paste your reflection in the comments.

60 thoughts on “Self-Review: Paragraph Analysis

  1. Samantha Schneider

    Intro: introduction to topic of inter-professional relationship between RDH and veterinary dentist
    Epidemiology: The cause of periodontal disease in canines and how it relates and compares to that in people.
    Dental focus: the AVDC stand on canine dental care and how they treatment plan
    Inter-professional collaboration: how the two are working together yet adhering to jurisdiction laws for specific areas and what the RDH can perform within the veterinary office, The views of the AVDC on inter-professional partnerships with RDH

  2. Christine German

    1. INTRO–does a relationship exist between periodontal disease and diabetes? can the two be better controlled by IP collaboration between dental and medical professionals?
    3. BACKGROUND/EPIDEMIOLOGY–stats for diabetes & periodontal disease, % of people that know the two are bidirectionally related, etc
    4. MAIN REASON THE TWO APPEAR TOGETHER IN LITERATURE–IP? there is a proven bidirectional relationship between oral & systemic health
    5. ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF IP COLLABORATIVE CARE–if both professionals are currently working together, and evidence is found in literature, then discuss it (maybe any improvements I think should be made as well)
    After going over what I have already, I think I am on the right track and I have a ton of research and evidence from reputable sources–so I am not worried about a shortage of information for my topic. I think that I have a good organization strategy, but I need to figure out where to plug in my research and findings, as well as statistics. My paper is a little choppy as it stands, but after going through and plugging all the important pieces in, I think it will be easier to read through. It will also be easier to figure out what further changes/corrections/additions need to be made once I have another set of eyes look over my work and read it.

  3. Keri

    Keri Krcmaric Self-review

    —how does anorexia and bulimia relate to oral health?
    —do psychologists educate their patients on these eating disorders with oral health?

    —the effects that anorexia and bulimia have on the oral cavity and how it can effect overall health.

    PARAGRAPH 3—do psychologists let their patients know that they may need to seek extra oral care when they present with these eating disorders?

    PARAGRAPH 4—factors that make the effects of anorexia and bulimia detrimental to oral and overall health

    —analyzes the paper and reflect back to the topic

    —I need to tie in how all health care professionals can help contribute to the overall knowledge of anorexia and bulimia from psychologists, to coaches, to OBGYN, back to the dental office. I also need to focus on the actions that can be taken to help people with these eating disorders to receive the appropriate oral care.

  4. Robert King

    Paragraph One: this funtions as the introduction to the introduction. It establishes the problem, background, thesis, etc. It connects to the paragraph below it because it establishes a link between the methods that require review and the discussion of the methods reviewed.

    Paragraph Two: the main topic of this paragraph is to establish a general criteria for methods as they are compared to each other in each of the methods proposed. It functions to transition to the proposal of reviewing each method. It is connected to the paragrah below it because it connects the idea of there being different methods of measuring ship draft, and that they were measured under different criteria.

    Paragraph Three: the main topic is that different methods were reviewed under different criteria in the academic works. It functions to establish that we evaluated the different options for measuring draft and chose one that eventually met a certain set of guidelines.

    I learned that writing an introduction is incredibly difficult, especially since you’re trying to summarize what you’re actually attempting to do given certain rigorous steps without going to explicit detail about the process of how you did what you did. It’s tough to be incredibly detailed while not itemizing your entire process.

    I will probably revise all of it.

  5. Matthew Vecerkauskas

    I am going to change the final paragraph to more of a concluding statement that relates the autonomous controllers discussed to what is the most appropriate controller for the team. Furthermore, I will change the purpose of the paper to reflect this change to the introduction.
    I learned that my paper flows well from one paragraph to the next, and that it is well constructed in my opinion. I need a stronger finish that completely ties together the beginning and middle of the introduction.
    Please see the attached document and the comments I have made therein.

  6. Emily McClellan

    I learned that my paper was fairly organized with good topic paragraphs. Each sentence within a paragraph stayed true to the main idea of the paragraph. I do need to work on the flow of my papers more though because it felt choppy hopping from one paragraph to the next.

  7. Yacine Badis

    First paragraph:
    The main purpose of this paragraph is to give a rough idea on how the rocket that will be carrying our designed payload will look like and what are its capabilities. the paragraph gives a rough over view of the whole project without going into any details yet. it sets the tone for the next paragraph which will be giving more details about what our project is all about. 

    Second paragraph:
    this paragraph explains what our main goals are for this project and briefly introduces the reader to the kind of data we are looking to gather. I do not mention any design technicalities here yet but I had to introduce the reader to what we are trying to accomplish first before going into the next paragraph which specifies all the technical aspects of this project. 

    Third paragraph and reflection:
    Finally, The last paragraph mainly covers the design restriction we will be subject to for the competition as well as defining what the criteria are for a successful mission.
    After reanalyzing my introduction paper, I can see that every paragraph needs to be developed a little bit more because there are many things about the project I have omitted. In addition, I need to explain exactly what specific parts of the project I was personally in charge of.

  8. Christine German

    TOPIC—The correlation between diabetes and periodontal disease, and how proper education/communication from both the patients’ doctor and dental professional could prevent or stop periodontal disease from becoming worse as well as their diabetes from worsening.

    —why I’m interested in this topic
    —factors that link diabetes and periodontal disease

    —lays out my goals of writing this paper: to figure out the correlation between diabetes and periodontal disease, and which affects which, and if they are inter-dependent

    —this paragraph explores this question, and lays out the facts found in research

    —this lays out many different factors that increase a diabetics host response (causes them to have high or low blood sugar)
    —the correlation of these factors

    —this paragraph ties in everything throughout the whole paper, decided if diabetes is a risk factor for periodontal disease, or vice versa

    —I need to tie into this paper how the use of a patient’s doctor can also help reduce risk or even stop periodontal disease. With proper education on both sides, nutritional counseling, as well as oral health education, a patient with diabetes has a better chance of avoiding/stopping/arresting the periodontal disease process

  9. Jess Price

    Jessica Price
    Scaffolding assignment 4

    1) Introducing the relationship between preterm birth and periodontitis.
    2) Provide background information about periodontitis i.e the process, risk factors, briefly explain how it can exacerbate other systemic diseases including potential preterm birth
    3) Provide further information and studies about the association of preterm birth and periodontitis and how pregnant women could have an increase risk.
    4) Explain how ultrasonic technicians and OBGYNs educate their patients about good oral health care
    5) Conclude with the relationship between preterm birth and periodontitis and how pregnant women need to perform good oral care.

    After reviewing my sections, I realized that I need to find more articles and information to help lengthen the paper.

  10. ashley blain

    Ashley Blain – Self Review
    1. Intro – address the topic of the paper (infection control and the effect of Ebola)
    2. Address what is being done in the dental field so far
    3. Address what is being done in the field of nursing, how are they dealing with this issue differently, the same as the dental field
    4. How does the nursing field approach infection control, what are the standards set in place
    5. How do the health care providers in this field feel about the disease and the potential spread? And their own safety?
    6. Conclusion
    At this point I am still putting everything together and finding more articles to help back up what I am writing about. However, thus far I think that I have a fairly interesting topic and there is a lot to be learned about how different health care providers treat the same issues. I believe that my order is easy to follow and flows nicely into each other. I need to focus on the body mostly, to ensure that I do not deviate from the main topic.

  11. Rebecca Casey

    Rebecca Casey
    Scaffolding assignment_4

    1) The relationship between heart disease, periodontal disease and socioeconomic status. Briefly discuss the current outlook of heart disease and periodontal disease. Discuss other factors that contribute to PD and HD ending with socioeconomic status as a contributable factor.

    2) Heart Disease -what it is- factors leading to its development- statistics (who & where) – prevention- systemic conditions associated-how might heart disease contribute to periodontal disease.
    -gives insight into current/ if any relationship between HD and PD
    -begins correlating the two diseases
    -establishes relationship and primes for periodontal disease as contributing factor

    3) Periodontal disease -what it is- factors leading to its development- statistics (who & where) – prevention- systemic conditions associated -how might PD contribute to HD—transition with other factors that prevent definitive association to both diseases (ending with SeS)
    -further links both diseases showing which has more effect than the other
    -shows a stronger association between PD affecting HD factors
    -examines additional factors that contribute to both diseases-thus preventing a definitive correlation between the two

    4) Major factors-discuss both PD factors and HD factors- both major and minor- examine, again, who is more likely to develop both PD and HD- observe socioeconomic status factor for transition
    -examines contributable factors for both diseases showing readers why research can only show “links” between PD and HD rather than one causing the other.
    -shows how the many factors
    -addresses SeS as a role for HD and PD

    5) Socioeconomic status- define- relationship between SeS and HD & PD-does SeS play a role in the development of HD & PD–investigate– who & where HD and PD primarily affects- WHY are PD and HD be so problematic with stats given?
    -*journal articles/case study focus will primarily be in this paragraph- examine statistics-who and where
    -addresses SeS as a major factor for both disease
    -begins to address a problem

    6) Identify a problem: acknowledge both diseases as two separate problems. Also acknowledge the known associations (using JA and CS) of both diseases and why stats differ? Transition with solution-prevention to avoid treatment -this will highlight the relationship between PD and HD, but also the correlation between SeS and PD/HD.
    – acknowledges why PD and HD exhibit a/if any/ correlation to SeS
    -identifies A problem that might be modified with a solution

    7) How do we prevent PD and HD? Is this even possible when acknowledging the major factors- prevention thru education(primary schools), healthcare and dental worker improvements to better address each problem, community health/dental service in designated areas-acknowledge any improvements made/if any

    8) Conclusion-briefly summarize correlation b/n PD, HD, and SeS again by acknowledging findings. State opinion- ending statement
    This assignment helped to organize the layout of my paper much easier than I had planned on doing it. This outline allows me to follow along when writing out my paper and organize which research articles should be acknowledged accordingly. Each of my paragraphs needs revision, but this can easily done since I know how I plan on transitioning from paragraph to paragraph.

  12. Steven Garner

    Paragraph 1: The Formula One team is investigating the advantages of a dual clutch transmission (DCT) and determining its impact on future SAE competition cars.
    This paragraph introduces the topics being discussed and what the project being done is.
    This is the first paragraph so there is no above paragraph.
    This paragraph starts the conversation and allows the following paragraphs to expand upon what is talked about.
    Paragraph 2: Therefore, the purpose of this project was to use the knowledge gained from an automated manual transmission and implement it into the design of a dual clutch transmission that will be used for future SAE cars.
    This paragraph elaborates on exactly what the purpose of the project is.
    This paragraph expands on the DCT introduced in the first paragraph.
    This paragraph sets up more discussion on DCT for the next paragraph.
    Paragraph 3: After designing the DCT, a 3-D model needs to be created to have a visual representation of what was made and how it can be improved.
    This paragraph explains how the DCT can be tested.
    This paragraph uses the information from the above paragraphs to show that the benefits of a DCT can be shown visually.
    This is the final paragraph.
    This paper made me realize the importance of organization and transitioning. I will need to modify my paper some to improve this. I think my organization is decent but my transition from paragraph to paragraph needs work. Otherwise, I believe the aspects of my paper fit well.

  13. Kevin Ellorin

    1. The main topic of the paragraph is to address the problem that is patients with periodontal disease have an increased risk of developing heart disease.
    The paragraph function is to find a correlation between periodontitis and heart disease.
    This paragraph connects to the one below because it introduces what the paper will talk about.
    2. The main topic for this paragraph is to provide background information, epidemiology, and etiology on periodontitis and occurrence of heart disease.
    The paragraph function provides medical data on periodontitis relating to heart disease and common risk factors.
    This paragraph connects to the one above because it provides data on the problem addressed above.
    The paragraph connects below because it gives background information on how the medical profession approaches the problem.
    3. The main topic for this paragraph is the medical approach to the situation.
    The paragraph function is to discuss how medical professionals recognize common risk factors between periodontitis and heart disease.
    The paragraph connects to the one above because it discusses how medical professionals recognize the common risk factors mentioned above.
    The paragraph connects to the one below by discussing medical approach and how they can collaborate with the dental profession.
    4. The main topic of this paragraph is to provide evidence of medical/dental collaboration to the problem.
    5. The main topic of this paragraph is to provide my own speculation on how both professions need to educate patient on common risk factors and how periodontitis may cause heart disease.
    6. The main topic paragraph will discuss on the importance of medical/dental collaboration of oral/overall health care for patients with periodontitis and heart disease.

    After reviewing my draft, I learned that coherence and consistency between the paragraphs is important. All of the paragraphs need to stand out yet flow together while supporting the original argument. So far, I’m content with the overall consistency of my draft. I haven’t done enough research yet on the topic so some rearrangements and revisions may occur depending on the information I find from research.

  14. Ayman Almuslem

    Self-Review: Paragraph Analysis
    – First paragraph will be the abstract: Periodontal disease and Coronal heart disease (CAD) have recently been proposed to be linked.
    – The second paragraph will be the problem: Periodontal disease is a common affliction that affects adults worldwide and recent studies
    – The third paragraph will be the purpose: There is a clear purpose to study the link between periodontal disease and coronal heart disease and that is to improve overall human health.
    – The fourth paragraph will be the introduction: Researchers have been exploring the possible links between periodontal disease and coronal heart disease
    – The fifth paragraph will be the background/epidemiology: Periodontal disease is an umbrella term that covers many different tissues and structures in the mouth.
    I was able to organize my paper and define the topic of my paper and add background information about how these two diseases are related. I have clear idea about my research paper sequence and how can I make it understandable to the reader.

  15. Jamis Bonanno

    Jamis Bonanno Self-Review.
    1- The main topic of this paragraph is to introduce my topic on decreasing the amount of caries in children with orthodontic appliances.
    2- This paragraph functions in the arrangement of this paper by briefly touching on all of the different topics that will be addressed throughout the rest of the paper.
    3-This is the intro paragraph so it is the first one in the paper.
    4- This paragraph is connected to the one below it because it states what the following paragraph is going to explain which is the overall description of how children develop caries and how orthodontic appliances aid in increasing the chances of them getting them.
    1- The main topic of this paragraph is to give the reader and little background information on the process of dental caries come about and how orthodontic appliances aid in helping these caries to form.
    2- This paragraph functions in the paper to start off the reader with some information on the development of caries so that as they are reading through the rest of the paper they will an understanding of how everything else relates and the importance.
    3- This paragraph is connected tot he above paragraph because it branches off on the first topic that was mentioned in the above paragraph to provide more information to the reader.
    4- This paragraph is connected to the one below because it gives background information on why caries prevention is important and allows the next paragraph to go into how different professionals can start to work together to cut down on this problem.
    After doing this assignment I feel like my paper has a good flow to it so far. I am not sure yet how I would revise it because I don’t have my paper completed yet, but this could be a good assignment to go back and do once I completely finish my paper so that I can make sure everything still flows and all of my paragraphs are related to each other.

  16. Shante Dickerson

    After completing this analysis I noticed that I needed to investigate not only how these two healthcare professionals work together but also if there is literature evident that the collaborations are working. I have considered to include in my paper that if research is showing a lack of collaboration to discuss what steps and or forms of communication I can personally bring forward as a future hygienist to enhance the success rate of my patient.

  17. Liza

    The main topic of this paragraph is to introduce the topic of this paper, which is the effect of having periodontitis on patients that have a history of coronary heart disease. This paragraph function as an introduction to the contents of this paper. There is no paragraph above but it connects to the one below by introducing the key concepts being covered in the paper.
    The main topic of this paragraph is to look at data from a cardiologist point of view and to see the amount of patients that present with heart disease or a history of heart disease. This paragraph functions in my argument because it explains to the reader the high volume of patients that present with heart disease or a history of it. This relates to the paragraph above because the occurrence of heart disease is the main focus of this paper. This relates to the paragraph below because later we examine the occurrence of periodontitis with patients that have heart disease.
    The main topic of this paragraph is the current percentage and correlations between patients that present with periodontitis and currently have a heart condition. This paragraph shows the occurrence and the correlation between both disease processes. This paragraph is connected to the one above because show the occurrence of periodontitis with patients that have heart disease.

    I learned that the paragraph succeeding each other need to correlate with each other and not just the topic over all. After deciding on the topics for the rest of the paragraphs I might rearrange the structure depending on the articles and evidence I can find.

  18. Mara O'Keefe

    Scaffolding Assignment #4
    (1) Intro: The relationship between caries in school-age children and diet/obesity and how the issue can be approached from a dental and nutritional perspective in order to improve education and health of children
    (2) Detail/explaining dental caries – what is & cause?
    (3) Detail/explaining childhood nutrition/obesity — what is & cause?
    (4) How can nutrition and caries be related in children?
    (5) How dental professionals are working to address problem of caries/nutrition? How we can educate/treatment types?
    (6) How nutritionists can work to address this problem? How they can educate parents/kids, possible school lunch policies from political perspective?
    (7) Relate how this issue can benefit from working interprofessionally with other providers to provide optimal care for developing children
    (8) Personal thoughts/actions
    (9) Summary and conclusion of paper
    I have learned quite a bit about the relationship between caries & nutrition in children so far in my research, as it is a developing research topic with a lot of interest. Creating this outline has helped me to better organize my paper and relate how each topic will flow smoothly into the next. I will most likely need to revise a few paragraphs to go into more detail about specific cases and information regarding caries and nutrition so that I have more evidence to support the topic.

  19. Tiffany Waite

    1. The main topic of this paragraph is that dental professionals and medical professionals must work together to achieve certain goals. This paragraph is used to introduce both disciplines, dental and medical, to the reader. The first paragraph connects to the paragraph below because it leads into how these disciplines affect children’s health.
    2. Paragraph two’s main topic is the reason for investigating the topic. It emphasizes the purpose and importance of studying the impact of dental care on children’s health. This paragraph connects to the first one by further discussing the link between the two disciplines and children’s health. Paragraph two also connects to the next paragraph by introducing the purpose of the paper.
    3. The third paragraph focuses on studying how dental care can impact children’s health. It provides a basis for the layout of the paper, including a brief description of each section to be discussed. This paragraph connects to the previous paragraph by specifically stating which details are included in the research paper. Paragraph three connects to the following paragraphs by including the topic sentence that describes the contents of the entire paper.
    By analyzing each paragraph, I learned to distinguish the problem and the purpose of the paper. The problem is that children’s health is negatively impacted when they do not receive adequate dental care. The purpose is to study the factors that influence children’s access to dental care and how dental professionals and medical professionals can improve these factors. I could revise my introduction by making the main topics of each paragraph more distinct. The topics of each paragraph are not as distinguished as they could be.

  20. Betsy Bailey

    Scaffolding #4: Self Review
    Main topic: Introduction and background information on tobacco snuff use
    Paragraph function: This paragraph gives background into the topic of snuff use and the basis of my argument as to why this is harmful to a patient health.
    Paragraph below: The subsequent paragraphs will help support the argument for an interprofessional approach in helping patients quit this habit.

    Main topic: Oral Health implications
    Paragraph Function: Explains and focuses on the impact of tobacco on the oral health of a patient, risk factors, and oral diseases that are associated.
    Paragraph above: Supports the harm of tobacco snuff and the implication for the dental hygienist
    Paragraph below: Will demonstrate the need for a team approach to patient support for tobacco cessation

    Main topic: Why it is important for general practitioners to encourage tobacco snuff cessation programs and encourage frequent trips to the hygienist
    Paragraph Function: Explains the role of the general practitioner in the health education of the patient and the types of programs that are being offered to patients that use tobacco snuff.
    Paragraph above: Support the argument that the general practitioner can have an effect on the outcome of cessation programs
    Paragraph below: Will demonstrate the need for a team approach to patient support for tobacco cessation

    Main topic: Success rates of these cessation programs and the changes of the health and risk factors of the patients who quit tobacco snuff.
    Paragraph Function: To look at the benefits that have been recorded from patient that have quit tobacco snuff. And to back up the argument that together both GP’s and DH’s can make a difference in a patient risk factors.
    Paragraph above: Will demonstrate the need for a team approach to patient support for tobacco cessation
    Paragraph below: Will show the opportunities that the health team has in improving the tobacco cessation programs.

    I have learned that with a team approach that there can be success with cessation programs and there are options to patients. I am not sure what part of the paper I will revise at this point. My revising usually is an ongoing process. I have yet to write the final paragraphs of the paper and feel additional research might help reach a conclusion.

  21. Jamila O. Williams


    a. What is the main topic of this paragraph?
    The main topic of this paragraph is simply to introduce the reader to my thesis statement or the point of this paper.
    b. How does the paragraph function in the argument/ arrangement of the paper?
    This paragraph as mentioned before introduces the reader to my topic
    c. How is the paragraph connected to the above?
    There is no paragraph above it
    d. How is this paragraph connected to the one below it?
    The paragraph below it begins to detect the issues I stated in this paragraph.

    Body 1:

    a. What is the main topic of this paragraph?
    This paragraph discusses HPV and the sexually active woman.
    b. How does the paragraph function in the argument/ arrangement of the paper?
    This paragraphs function is to get the reader acquainted with HPV in general, and how it effects women.
    c. How is the paragraph connected to the above?
    This paragraph begins the discussion that was introduced in the paragraph prior to it
    d. How is this paragraph connected to the one below it?
    The paragraph below it dives deeper into specific effects HPV has on women that were mentioned in this current paragraph.

    Body 2:

    a. What is the main topic of this paragraph?
    This paragraph discusses how HPV can be transmitted orally via oral sex and the prevalence of it in women.
    b. How does the paragraph function in the argument/ arrangement of the paper?
    This paragraph is used to connect vaginal HPV to oral HPV.
    c. How is the paragraph connected to the above?
    This paragraph connect the issues discussed in the prior paragraph to the mouth.
    d. How is this paragraph connected to the one below it?
    The paragraph below this discusses the strains introduced in the first paragraph. It also discuss the effects these strains has on both the mouth and the reproductive organs.

    Body 3:

    What is the main topic of this paragraph?
    This paragraph discusses the strains of HPV that can cause different types of cancer in women.
    b. How does the paragraph function in the argument/ arrangement of the paper?
    This paragraph functions as part of the meat of the paper. It also puts real numbers to the issues by including statistics about HPV and different cancers in women.
    c. How is the paragraph connected to the above?
    This paragraph gives depth to issues mentioned int the paragraph prior to it.
    d. How is this paragraph connected to the one below it?
    The paragraph below this one discusses how HPV can be transmitted orally, and how some of the problems in the mouth can be caused by different strains discussed in the current paragraph.

    I do believe that so far my paper is coming along quite coherently. I will possibly move a few things around, and add some things. I haven’t quite finished, but so far I do not think I will be omitting anything.

  22. Kayla Johnson

    Scaffolding #4: Self Review
    1. Introduction
    2. Why people start using chewing tobacco and what prevents them from quitting
    3. Oral health problems associated with chewing tobacco use
    4. Oncologists and physicians perspective on problems associated with chewing tobacco
    5. Studies dealing with chewing tobacco and periodontal disease
    6. Importance of patient education
    7. Tobacco cessation
    8. Interprofessional patient care
    9. Conclusion
    Reflection- This assignment helped me to really think about the paragraphs for my paper and how I should organize everything so that all of the paragraphs flow well. I plan on doing more research to help improve my paper. Even though I have learned a lot about other health professionals and their role in the prevention and treatment of oral health problems, I want to do more research on this to help improve my paper.

  23. Kaitlin Edwards

    I will need to transition better between the paragraphs and make it clearer what the main topic is for each paragraph. I can expand on each topic/paragraph the further I get into the research. I feel like the paragraphs flow pretty well, starting with who is mainly affected by this occurrence, and then explaining what the effects of tobacco use are on the oral health. Overall, I feel like I have a pretty good start to my paper and look forward to seeing where more research takes me.

  24. Samantha Black

    Self Review

    1) Intro
    2) Explaining the specific strand of HPV that can cause oropharyngeal cancer.
    3) Methods and the importance of HPV testing.
    4) The role of the dental professional in early detection.
    5) Physicians knowledge of the virus causing oropharyngeal cancer.
    6) Ways both the dental and medical professional can work together to educate patients.
    7) Conclusion

    Although I did use the mind mapping assignment as an initial basis to start my paper, I feel that the last assignment that involved searching the databases, helped me a lot! I found some really great articles to help me expand on these topics throughout my paper. It is interesting to see that a lot of the articles have placed a large amount of emphasis on the importance of solely the dental professional in detecting these cancers. I am hoping to elaborate even more on each area of my paper before completing the final work.

  25. Kimberly Lintag

    Kimberly Lintag
    Introduction: How oral health directly affects overall health; how systemic diseases can be prevented by oral hygiene measures; how nurses and dental hygienists should work together to care for the oral/overall health of the elderly in nursing homes
    The current views of nurses/nursing aides on the importance of oral care – This paragraph is an important start to my paper because I can then transition on to the next two paragraphs to show how both dental professionals and nurses are working towards enhancing these current views.
    How dental professionals are working to address the problem
    How nurses are working to address the problem – With the literature I found, information about how nurses should approach the situation were given, so I will include that information here.
    The importance of the renewal of intervention to ensure nurses continue to provide optimal oral care to their elderly patients and work with the dental hygienist to schedule regular appointments
    Benefits of interprofessional care – tying it in with the concept that oral health directly affects overall health

    Reflection – I learned a lot about how nurses do not really understand the concept of oral care nor do they understand its importance. I definitely have a lot to revise and include in my paper by doing a more thorough evaluation of my sources. Using my mind map really helped organize my thoughts, so I am glad that was the first scaffolding assignment.

  26. Alicia Davidson

    Self-Review Reflection
    I used my mapping assignment to create an outline and found that it was helpful in creating flow throughout this paper. I am interested to expand on my findings from a previous paper about early childhood caries. I have learned a lot so far on how health professionals, as well as other professions, work together to assess and prevent such a chronic condition.

  27. Alicia Davidson

    Paragraph 1- (Intro)
    What: The main topic of this paragraph is introducing early childhood caries (ECC), the severity of this condition, and how nutrition is a major risk factor. The function of the paragraph is to introduce ECC and the important role of health professionals, such as dieticians and nurse practitioners, preventing this disease.
    Paragraph 2-
    What: The etiology of early childhood caries: bacteria that produce lactic acid and it explains the cause and origin of this disease. This paragraph will precede an explanation of what foods are most common in relation to ECC.
    Paragraph 3- This paragraph will begin to explain how nutrition is a factor in the occurrence of ECC, and will also talk about obesity and socioeconomic factors. It will provide statistics and facts from relevant studies.
    Paragraph 4- Next, I will talk about disease prevention and management of ECC and how not only dental hygienists, but also other health professionals play a role.
    Paragraph 5- Then I will touch on health promotion and how to care for children’s teeth. It will link to the paragraph above about prevention of ECC.
    Paragraph 6- I will talk more in detail about parents and caregivers and their education in relation to children’s behavior as an indicator in ECC.
    Conclusion- summary of all the above

  28. Chelsey Guy

    Chelsey Guy
    1. Introduction: Dental caries in children and the relationship with socioeconomic status, lack of oral preventative care and education, poor oral hygiene, the relationship to medical providers what can we do as health care providers and medical providers to provide education with overall health & oral health?
    2. How can we as a community & dental professionals address this problem?
    3. Are medical professionals aware of the lack of education, and what can they do to portray the messages.
    4. How medical providers choose to discuss information with their patients, and how they can interpret oral health care.
    5. How are dental professionals educating the community and children?
    6. The importance on taking children to the dentist at a young age.
    7. Conclusion
    I followed my flow chart assignment that we did a couple weeks ago and it really helped me organize my paper in a well-written manner. Making an outline and following it really makes things a lot easier, and allows you to gradually add more information over time. The biggest mistakes I make are grammar and not being able to have my paper flow in an organized way. I will revise my paragraphs before moving on to the next one so I do not confuse myself. I plan to use my research articles to help me get my message across to the readers.

  29. Ashley

    1. Introduction: can obesity and periodontal disease be related? what are the causes of obesity? what are the causes of periodontal disease? how can dental and medical professionals work together to educate/prevent the rise in both.
    2. Explaining/defining obesity and it’s causes
    3. Explaining/defining periodontal disease and it’s causes
    4. How are obesity and periodontal disease related?
    5. How are physicians working to address this problem?
    6.How are dentists working to address this problem?
    7. What are the benefits of interprofessional patient care?
    8. Conclusion

    I have learned a lot about the relationship between obesity and periodontal disease and how they directly relate to one another. I had to revise a few of my paragraphs because they were more focused on the causes of each disease instead of how they were related. Creating an outline really helped to focus on purpose of this paper and helped me realize I was going a little off topic. Therefore, by revising these paragraphs and focusing more on the relationship and what physicians/dentists can achieve by working together to address this problem, I will be able to make the paper flow better and stay on topic.

  30. Meredith Ellis

    Meredith Ellis Self-Review
    Paragraph 1-Introduction: Oral cancer is considered a lifestyle disease since the majority of the cases result from personal habits, tobacco use is a prime example. What’s in these tobacco products that harm the body and oral cavity? How has smoking and tobacco use impacted society?
    Paragraph 2- How are dental professionals working to address this problem?
    Paragraph 3- What other professionals are working to address this problem? For example, are physicians and/ or counselors addressing tobacco cessation? Do these professionals think this is an important subject to address in today’s society?
    Paragraph 4- What beliefs do physicians and counselors have about smoking and its affects on the body?
    Paragraph 5- How are physicians and counselors educating their patients about the effects of smoking and tobacco use? Are they explaining to them the different cessation options that are available?
    Paragraph 6-Explain the different cessation aids and how they work.
    Paragraph 7- I will provide my own speculation about the above information.

    I have learned that tobacco use not only affects individuals oral health, but also systemic health. My paper is still no where near being perfect. I have a lot of sections to revise and go over for sentence structure. I feel like my paragraphs flow pretty well right now, but I am sure changes will be made between now and the time this paper is due. Changes will be made because I have only looked at my paper, I have not had another person review it yet.

  31. Rebecca Behling

    Rebecca Behling Self Review
    1. introduction: What are the physicians views on oral health during pregnancy? Are they knowledgeable on the subject? Do they think this is an important subject? How do they educate their patients?
    2. The background of what happens during pregnancy to cause oral health changes.
    3. Are physicians knowledgeable on the subject?
    4. How physicians view the importance of oral health?
    5. How do physicians educate their patients?
    6. The importance of physicians educating pregnant women.
    7. Conclusion
    After reviewing what I originally had, I came up with this which is more organized and flows better. I learned that I need to make an outline to organize ideas in a way that flows and makes sense. I will revise each paragraph to make each separate paragraph flow in itself. A few of the paragraphs have beginning and ending sentences that flow to the next paragraph, but some of them still need to be revised. I also need to revise my conclusion paragraph to really summarize the big picture of the point that I am trying to get across based on evidence from the research.

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