Google Docs Peer Review


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Step One

  1. Partner with 2-3 other people in class to form groups of 3-4.
  2. Create a folder on Google Drive and title it something like “Peer Review: Group _________.” Share this folder amongst all the group members. Note: Only one student in the group needs to do this.
  3. Post a copy of your draft to the group folder. Note: Please ensure that you create a Google Doc for your draft rather than uploading a Word doc; otherwise, your peers will not be able to comment directly on your work.

Step Two

  1. Choose one person’s draft to get started. Note: Each person should receive feedback from at least two people in the group.
  2. Quickly read through the draft once in its entirety to get a sense of its purpose, context, and audience.
  3. Now, read through the draft again, this time using the questions below to guide you through providing constructive feedback to your peer.
  4. Use the “comment” feature in Google docs to provide your feedback. Highlight a portion of the draft to which you are directly responding and anchor your comment there. This way, your feedback is directly tied to the place in the draft on which you are commenting. Here are some help videos that demonstrate commenting in Google Docs: Discussions in Google Docs; Comments in Google Drive.
  5. Share-out: In the comments below, post 2-3 key points of feedback that you received during this peer review.

Peer Review Questions

  1. What did you like about the draft? How/why did you like it? How might the author build on that section?
  2. What sections are confusing to you? How/why? Ask your classmates questions that would help you to make sense of the section.
  3. Do you have any unanswered questions after you finished reading the draft? What are they?
  4. Where would you like to know more?
  5. Does the draft meet all the expectations stated in the assignment prompt? If not, what is it missing?
  6. Are there parts of the draft that might be better moved to a different place within the draft? If so, make a suggestion for how the content might be better organized.
  7. What parts of the draft work best and why?
  8. If you were responsible for revising a portion of this draft, which section would you revise and why?