Developing a Thesis Statement or Claim

 Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Keith Davenport

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Keith Davenport


1. Use the template below to help you further define your thesis statement or claim.

Thesis Statement Template

By examining _____________________, I will show  _______________________ because:

  • <reason1>_______________________________,
  • <reason 2>_______________________________, and
  • <reason 3>_______________________________.

(You may have more than three reasons.)

Please note that reasons are not evidence. Your eventual project outline might look something like:

By examining _____________________, I will show  _______________________ because:

  • <reason 1>_______________________________,
    • <evidence 1>______________________________,
    • <evidence 2>______________________________, and
    • <evidence 3>______________________________;
  • <reason 2>_______________________________,
    • <evidence 1>______________________________,
    • <evidence 2>______________________________, and
    • <evidence 3>______________________________;
  • <reason 3>_______________________________,
    • <evidence 1>______________________________,
    • <evidence 2>______________________________, and
    • <evidence 3>______________________________.

2. Share-out: Post your resulting detailed thesis statement or claim below in the comments thread.

Tip: If you are struggling to understand the differences between thesis statements/claims, reasons, and evidence, check out:

39 thoughts on “Developing a Thesis Statement or Claim

  1. Ryan Atkinson

    By examining the frame of the SAE Formula Team I will show how a new, lighter frame will benefit the car because:
    -Lower weight means higher acceleration, which is essential to race performance
    -Lower weight means better handling of the car on straights and corners
    -Lower weight allows for more less wear on the suspension and tires

  2. Nurettin Yigit Gultekin

    By examining the previous Baja Frame designs, I will show the ways to reduce weight because:

    * The weight is limiting the acceleration,
    * A lighter vehicle will increase the hill climbing performance , and
    * More detailed analysis can be applied

  3. Davis Moore

    By examining the suspension of a formula car, I will show that a push rod suspension is the best design because:

    It has the best aerodynamics,
    It is not a complicated design,
    It is high performance, and
    It is cost effective.

  4. Jamaal Hines

    By thoroughly examining the works of Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis on the Correspondence Principle, I will show how educational institutions reflect the hierarchy of the labor market in a Capitalist Economy because:
    1) schools play a central role in social reproduction
    2) schools were developed to serve the interest of the capitalist class
    3) schools socialize working class youths to accept failure as a result of own short comings
    4) schools hinder social mobility

  5. Dara Emami

    By examining the classic dual clutch transmission, I will show that they can improve the formula vehicle because:
    • They provide better fuel efficiency,
    • there is no lost torque between shifts, and
    • they provide no jerk between shifts.

  6. joshua mazzacua

    By examining the components and functions of a dual clutch transmission, I will show that it will be a more efficient transmission for the formula car because
    1. It will have the ability to shift gears exponentially faster and with minimal power/torque loss.
    2. The ECU and hydraulics will control shifting quickly resulting in better acceleration.
    3. There will be no need for a clutch pedal.

  7. Baraa M. Arab

    By examining and analyzing the information about Dual Clutch Transmission, I will show that they are more suitable and can benefit the formula car because:

    A. DCT are more fuel efficient than any other transmission.
    B. DCT offers the most dynamic acceleration than any other vehicle.
    C. Ideal for high performance vehicles like our formula car. And it allows the drivers to choose whether they want to control the shifting or letting the computer do he work.

  8. Steven Garner

    By examining the characteristics of a dual clutch transmission, I will show that it can benefit future SAE formula cars because
    1. it allows for faster shifting and doesn’t allow for much power loss.
    2. it is more efficient in several ways.
    3.they are the fastest growing transmission types currently.

  9. Ben Weatherford

    By examining formula 1 suspension geometry, I will show how important good suspension is because:

    1) the roll center needs to be in exactly the right spot to prevent under or over rolling,
    2) if not tuned correctly, the camber can change during cornering,
    3) a softer suspension is better but too soft will ruin the handling.

  10. Yacine Badis

    By examining the masses and dimensions of the payload components I will show that it should have a center of mass that is on the same center axis as the rocket’s center of mass, this is important because:
    1/ The center of mass of the whole rocket has to be centralized, and so the center of mass of every payload has to be as well
    2/ If the center of mass were off, small gusts of wind, or thrust instabilities can cause the rocket to wobble.
    3/ The rocket spins on its way up for increased stability, which means the center of mass has to be exactly on the vertical center axis.

    Attachment:  Learn2Learn.docx

  11. Chris Caracciolo

    By examining the design of a Bladeless Tesla Turbine, I can show that a bladeless turbine is a better option than the conventional bladed turbines because:
    1) Bladeless turbines cost a lot less than their bladed counterpart
    2) The efficiency of a bladeless turbine could be much higher
    3) It can be converted from a turbine to a pump relatively easily
    4) They can be used with compressed air, humidified air, water, and steam, while bladed turbines can only use superheated steam

  12. Derek Wagner

    By examining the shifting characteristics of a manual transmission, I will show that a solenoid/hydraulic system can used to automate a manual transmission because:

    1. it will be able to shift quicker than a driver can,
    2. it will allow the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel, therefore being safer, and
    3. it will provide the basic control system to be later included on a prototype duel-clutch transmission.

  13. Billy

    By examining draft behavior for Naval ships, I will show a radar indication system is the best choice for draft and list measurement because:

    Radar technology is very precise and continuous ensuring accurate readings,
    A device designed using radar technology do not have to be in contact with the water preventing potential damage, and
    A radar draft system can be integrated into the ship’s systems to monitor from inside the vessel.

  14. Jonathan Holley

    By examining naval aircraft carrier ship drafts, I will show electro-conductive paint can be used because:
    • It is a much easier and equally as accurate at measuring as present methods
    • It is cost effective
    • It will reduce the risk of people getting hurt having to manually measure a ships draft

  15. Edward Conley

    By examining the payload on the sounding rocket, I will show that numerous tests will need to be conducted for mission success because:
    • Weight restrictions are mandated by Wallops Test Facility.
    • Center of gravity must by with a 1 x 1 x1 inch envelope in all three axes.
    • Vibrations may be done at the University and it shall be done at Wallops Island NASA facility.

  16. Dan Gregor

    By examining the frame structure of an SAE formula car, I will show how important this early stage of construction is because:
    • Everything must attach to the frame at some point
    • The frame defines the overall shape and design of the car
    • The frame provides to the core strength. If it is weak, all other parts are useless.
    • The design of the frame is fairly permanent once completed, allowing for little changes and will define the position/orientation of the remaining parts of the car.

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