Identify Evidence

 Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Nana B Agyei

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Nana B Agyei


  1. Generate a list of the types of evidence that are acceptable to your instructor, for your assignment, and in your field or discipline. Some examples might include: primary data collected from research, secondary data shared in publications about other research, expert opinions, theory describing how something works, etc.
  2. Look at all the data and secondary sources you have collected for this project.
  3. Categorize the information you have by the list of evidence you generated.
  4. Address the following questions: Are you missing any types of evidence? How/why might that type of evidence be important for your project (or not)?
  5. Share-out: Copy/paste or upload your results below in the comments thread.

One thought on “Identify Evidence

  1. Emily McClellan

    All 5 of my credible sources were from secondary sources since they were all journal articles based on credible experiments. Those sources did also contain the author’s and other expert’s opinions and many similar theories from source to source. Primary sources are missing from my source list, but that is acceptable to not have that at this point in time since I have not performed any experiments and because I am not an expert on car Automated Manual Transmissions

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