Note-Taking Templates

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by hiromy

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by hiromy


  1. Go to Microsoft Office Templates, Google Doc Templates, or creative note-taking applications like RealTimeBoard or Stormboard.
  2. Find two or three different note-taking templates you think might help you engage with your sources.
  3. Try taking notes in 2-3 different templates (you can take notes for different sources you are reading).
  4. In a separate document, provide the name (and link) to the note-taking templates you tried. Briefly describe what you liked, or did not like, about each template.
  5. Share-out: Upload your comparison to the comments thread.

31 thoughts on “Note-Taking Templates

  1. Luke Stacy

    1. Real Time Board.

    This template for note taking was okay, but I prefer the old fashioned style of note taking. One of the main reasons I did not like this particular template is because I’m not great with computers. I also like my notes to be short, sweet, and to the point. This template seemed to have too much stuff to it that would easily frustrate me while I’m trying to study. I did like the idea of sharing presentations, but I feel like if I were sharing notes with my fellow classmates the Microsoft’s power point program is best suited for that. Another concept I like about this template was that it allowed for graphs and stuff. Again, I rather read something and visualize it in my head rather than looking at graphs. Overall, this template was not for me, but I could see why it would be very effective for other students who are tech savy and learn well from graphs.

    2. Google Docs

    Google Docs is awesome. I am familiar with Microsoft word and it is very similar. I also like the fact that it automatically saves. Also, google docs is simple and allows others to view the document or make changes. Google docs is my first source of electronic note-taking because of its simplicity.

    *** I felt like this exercise didn’t really serve much of a purpose for me because I have already found a method(s) that works for me. I have become accustomed to the way I take notes because it works for my learning style. Although this exercise did not do much for me, I think it might be beneficial to students who are fresh out of college or new to academia. They might not have a solid method in which they can take solid notes. This offers a possible solution.

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