Finding Library Databases

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Carlos Reis

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Carlos Reis

Databases available through the university’s library will be your best resources for academic papers. This is because they host thousands of articles from peer-reviewed journals. Articles that have been peer-reviewed means that they have been checked by other scholars, and the data has been validated.


  1. Go to ODU’s library home page
    • EITHER: Click on Databases A-Z underneath of the Resources section. Select your discipline (or its closest equivalent) from the Browse Databases by Subject.
    • OR: Click Resource Guide by Subject underneath the Help section. Select your discipline (or its closest equivalent) from the list. Look at the resulting databases under the Journals tab.
    • You should always ask your professor for advice about the the best databases to use for the discipline you are researching within.
  2. Do a few searches (use different keywords) within one library database for articles associated with the topic you are researching. Skim the titles of the articles.
  3. Do a few searches (use different key words) within another library database for articles associated with the topic you are researching. Skim the titles of the articles.
  4. On a separate document, write down the names of the databases you searched. Briefly describe the types of articles you found. Which database do you think will be more useful for your research on this project? Why?
  5. Share-out: Copy/paste or upload your description and reflection.

50 thoughts on “Finding Library Databases

  1. Samantha Schneider

    Samantha Schneider
    -Inter-professional use of hygienist proving periodontal therapy and prophylaxis treatments with small animal veterinarians
    -Journal of Veterinary Medicine
    -Journal of Veterinary Medicine
    Trope M,
    Lost C,
    Schmitz HJ,
    Friedman S
    Department of Endodontics, School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.
    Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics [1996, 81(2):221-228]

    Type: Journal Article, Comparative Study
    DOI: 10.1016/S1079-2104(96)80419-7
    -Journal of Veterinary Dentistry
    -Long SA
    PPD Development, Austin, Texas, USA.
    Journal of Dental Hygiene : JDH / American Dental Hygienists’ Association [1999, 73(4):208-212]

    Type: Journal Article
    Incorporating veterinary preventive dental instruction into a traditional dental hygiene program.

    Standard of care in North American small animal dental service.
    • Abstract
    • Citations
    • BioEntities
    • Related Articles
    • External Links
    Eisner ER
    Dental Department, Animal Hospital Specialty Center, Highlands Ranch, CO 80121-3924, USA.
    The Veterinary Clinics of North America. Small Animal Practice [2013, 43(3):447-469]

    Type: Journal Article, Review
    DOI: 10.1016/j.cvsm.2013.02.002

    • The above articles/journals are the main bulk of my information I am still looking into related articles from the ODU library data base.

  2. Chem442s15q

    Keywords: “alkaline phosphatase” AND spectrophotometric AND activity
    Using EBSCOhost Online Research Databases, 7,519 results were found including titles “Values of alkaline phosphathase and their isoenzyme profiles in patients with cancer in respect to bone and liver metastasis”, “Probing phosphatase activity using redox active nanoparticles: A novel colorimetric approach for the detection of enzyme activity”, and “An enzyme immobilized microassay in capillary electrophoresis for characterization and inhibition studies of alkaline phosphatases.”
    SciFinder returned 957 directly relevant results contining ll concepts. After categorizing the results by analytic chemistry methods and spectrophotometry methods, articles included “Detecting activity of alkaline phosphatase using 4-​nitro-​1-​naphthyl phosphate as substrate” and “Spectrophotometric-​Dual-​Enzyme-​Simultaneous Assay in One Reaction Solution: Chemometrics and Experimental Models”

  3. Chem442s15a Chem442s15a

    The data bases I searched were ACS and science direct. In these data bases the articles I found were research papers and peer review articles related to either Kinetics or alkaline phosphatase. The data base that will be more useful to use for this topic is science direct because it was easier to locate articles related to my topic. It was also more user friendly.

  4. Cedric

    key words:
    “alkaline phosphatase” and kinetics, activity, spectrophotomet*
    Web of Science
    7 results.
    Kinetic Studies of the Toxicological Effect of 2-Chlorophenol and 4-Chlorophenol on Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in vitro

    3947 results
    Couldn’t find a great one.

  5. Chem442s15f

    EBSOhost-key words used: alkaline phosphatase AND catalyst AND spectroscopy AND activity. The search was filtered to only include peer reviewed journals that were available in full text.
    ScienceDirect-key words used: activity and kinetics of alkaline phosphatase AND spectrophotometric measurement. Narrowing the search criteria, only review journals were in the results list.

    EBSCOhost is my preferred database because it is easy to use. ScienceDirect was not difficult to navigate, although it was not as easy as EBSCOhost.

  6. Chem442s15b Chem442s15b

    Utilizing the American Chemical Society database as well as the Science Direct database to research alkaline phosphatase was very enlightening! Searching through the ACS database, with the key words/phrases “Alkaline Phosphatase” and “Enzyme Kinetics”, I was able to yield many, productive results. Briefly observing the article titles, their contents included chemical reactions of alkaline phosphatase and chemical reactions that yield a color that may be spectrophotometrically analyzed. In addition, various papers on enzyme kinetics, Michaelis-Menten methodology, and separation/purification techniques were observed. The Science Direct database was searched using the key words/phrases “Activity of Alkaline Phosphatase” and “Production of Alkaline Phosphatase.” Various papers arose from intestinal alkaline phosphatase as it relates to chronic kidney disease to using copper ions and carbon quantum dots to detect alkaline phosphatase.

    Both databases would be useful in researching Alkaline Phosphatase; however, due to the listed articles in the ACS database and my preference for its filtering capabilities, I would choose it as the most useful for my research. I was easily able to search and find articles related to enzyme kinetics and alkaline phosphatase activity in biological systems as well as laboratory applications through the ACS database.

  7. chem442s15d

    I decided to use the resource guide by subject selection. From there I used the chemistry tab to redirect me to the ACS Journal website. The topic I am searching is alkaline phosphatase. When I entered alkaline phosphatase I the search bar, over 10819 hits came up. Using ACS Journal I searched key terms, alkaline and kinetic properties, and pH. I found a few good articles relating to alkaline phosphatases. When I looked up kinetic properties and alkaline, numerous articles regarding phosphatases came up. The next database I decided to use was science direct. I typed in alkaline phosphatases and pH. Numerous articles came up regarding its environmental pH and alkaline phosphatase pH adjustment indicator. I think using the ACS Journal database would be more sufficient in finding more articles regarding alkaline phosphatases because it is specified for chemistry related articles.

  8. Kay

    When searching for information on the activity and kinetics of alkaline phosphatase I first chose to search the database SciFinder because it is the one I use most often. The first keyword search that I did was of ‘activity and kinetics of alkaline phosphatase”. this search turned up exactly one result titled effects of ions and phosphates on alkaline phosphatase activity in aerobic activated sludge system. I felt this result was good but a little too narrow, so I searched again for “chemical reaction catalyzed by alkaline phosphatase”. This search turned up about 25 matches that were similar and I found a few interesting ones including Characterizing chemical systems with on-line computers and graphics: alkaline phosphatase catalyzed reaction (more computer focused analysis), ultrasensitive multiplexed Immunoassay with electrochemical stripping analysis of silver nanoparticles catalytically deposited by gold nanoparticles and enzymatic reaction (not really focused on alkaline phosphatase exclusively but coupled), Alkaline phosphatase activity under partially denaturing conditions by Kopper, Randall et al.(talked about kinetics under partially denatured conditions so was good but not exactly), and finally the one I preferred Demonstration of the principles of enzyme catalyzed reactions using alkaline phosphatase by Price, Nicholas et. al. Next I went on to explore a different database to see if my results would vary, PubMed. I first searched “Activity AND kinetics AND alkaline phosphatase”. This search turned up mainly specific case studied nothing in general but some outlined the function of alkaline phosphatase and its activity in different organisms. I liked the articles Increased activity of goat liver plasma membrane alkaline phosphatase upon release by phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase c. I was not sure from abstract weather the exact mechanism and kinetics were described so I continued my search and found Regulation of intestinal Calcium absorption by luminal calcium content; role of intestinal alkaline phosphatase. I stated that kinetic studies were performed. in order to include the criteria that the enzyme be analyzed spectrophotometrically I di another search using the words “alkaline phosphatase activity spectrophotometer”. this gave me an interesting result as number 4. factors affecting measurement of total alkaline phosphatase activity in human serum, especially wavelength accuracy. In this study they checked calibrations of the spectrophotometer using 4-nitrophenol as a product and measuring its wavelength. Overall I liked the results I got from SciFinder my results weren’t as narrow and case specific as in pub med, but I would probably include some of the search terms I used for Pubmed. PubMed did offer good supporting articles that I could use for my introduction or discussion to site specific activity examples in everyday organisms.

  9. Morgan T.

    When I typed in “alkaline phosphatase” I had 184,224 results within the subject Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology. Some of the relevant articles were:
    – A real-time fluorescent assay for the detection of alkaline phosphatase activity based on carbon quantum dots
    – Fluorescent biosensor for alkaline phosphatase based on fluorescein derivatives modified silicon nanowires
    When I typed in “alkaline phosphatase activity” I got the following article
    – Direct measurement of alkaline phosphatase kinetics on bioactive paper

    When I typed in “alkaline phosphatase” I got the following:
    – A chronoamperometric screen printed carbon biosensor based on alkaline phosphatase inhibition for W(VI) determination in water, using 2-phospho-L-ascorbic acid trisodium salt as a substrate
    – Intestinal alkaline phosphatase to treat necrotizing enterocolitis
    When I typed in “alkaline phosphatase activity” these popped up:
    – An electrochemical method for the determination of alkaline phosphatase activity.
    – A real-time fluorescent assay for the detection of alkaline phosphatase activity based on carbon quantum dots
    After looking at the results from both databases, I think that ScienceDirect is more useful for my research. SciFinder gave me articles more related to the human body and most of the results didn’t even contain my keywords. ScienceDirect is more user-friendly and although it gave more results, most of them at least had my keywords.

    Attachment:  l2l.docx

  10. Chem442s15n

    I searched “alkaline phosphatase AND kinetics” in the ACS journals. This gave me 3000 articles to choose from. I found mainly articles about the experiments done with alkaline phosphatase such as phosphorylation or hydrolysis. I searched “alkaline phosphatase AND kinetics” in SciFinder and came up with 6762 articles with alkaline phosphatase and kinetics. 57 of those were exact matches to my query. The very first article was “Direct measurement of alkaline phosphatase kinetics on bioactive paper”. I think SciFinder will be the more useful source as I have more options to choose from as i narrow down the search.

  11. Chem442s15c Chem442s15c

    I used both goolge scholor and sicfinder. in goolge scholor i typed the phrase “alkaline phosphatase catalyzed reaction with a color change.” this pulled up lower level articles that were easy to read. this gave me a basic understanding of the topic. then i typed”alkaline phosphatase catalyzed reaction” in to Sicfinder. this allowed me to read higher level articles, which made sense with the background information. alkaline phosphatase is commonly used to catalyze phosphate esters. this reaction can be detected by a peak at roughly 400nm.

  12. Chem442s15j

    I search in different database like science direct, pubmed, scifinder for my topic (alkaline phosphatase) and finde the article in scincedirect. but I think sci finder is the best one for chemical topics.
    name of some of paper that found:
    Direct measurement of alkaline phosphatase kinetics on bioactive paper.
    Investigating the kinetics of paramagnetic-beads linked alkaline phosphatase enzyme through microchannel resistance measurement in dielectric microchip.
    Kinetics of alkaline phosphatase in lake sediment associated with cage culture of Oreochromis niloticus.

    Zeinab haratipour.

  13. Nikisha Hartin

    The data bases that were used was ACS journals and RSC journals. The ACS database contained numerous articles describing multiple reactions with alkaline phosphatase. For instance, when searching for kinetics of alkaline phosphatase, the first journal that came up was explaining the intermediate of alkaline phosphatase after being phosphorylated. This data base included different types of kinetics and contained over 3000 articles dealing with the subject of alkaline phosphatase and could be narrowed down if more key words are added. As for RSC journals, 831 articles were displayed for the subject of kinetics of alkaline phosphatase. The articles seem to be not as specific as ACS. From what was observed, the articles seem to just mention the subject rather than going into more detail about kinetics of alkaline phosphatase. For instance, an article named Zinc Metalloenzymes mentions alkaline phosphatase rather then explaining in detail. Having said that, the database to best used when doing this research would probably be most beneficial using ACS journals.

  14. Chem442s15h

    1. searched acs publications: keyword search(activity and kinetics of alkaline phosphotase)article title-Phosphoralated intermediate of alkaline phosphotase. The article went in the experiment of measuring the phosphoralation in the steady state. It was conducted at various pH’s with differing results.Not very interesting.
    2.seached sci finder:keyword search(kinetics of alkaline phosphatase) article name-Relationship between the kinetics of alkaline phosphatase and aquatic plants in wetlands.The plants in the wetlands actually deactivated the enzyme.
    3.searched alkaline phosphatase with color change. Article name High-​Resolution Colorimetric Assay for Rapid Visual Readout of Phosphatase Activity Based on Gold​/Silver Core​/Shell Nanorod. Now this article is much closer to the type I would use for lab.
    Of the three searched The third is by far the closest in relevance for my lab. The method relies on enzymic reaction-​assisted silver deposition on gold nanorod to generate a significant color change. This falls closely to the type of reaction we will need for our experiment.

  15. Chem442s15r

    ACS database for 1st article: Kinetic Determinations and Some Kinetic Aspects of Analytical Chemistry by
    Stanley R. Crouch, Thomas F. Cullen, Alexander Scheeline and Ewa S. Kirkor. I used the keywords “alkaline phosphatase” and “alkaline phosphatase kinetics” to do a search. The “alkaline phosphatase kinetics” yielded this result. It is a review article. It presents kinetic mechanisms for many reactions, and even presents the kinetics determination of a multi-component system, and its applications usch as in bio-luminescence.
    I used NCBI databse for research 2nd article: Alkaline phosphatase: an overview by Sharma, Pal, Prasad. I used the keyword “alkaline phosphatase” to research and limited my results to review articles. It is a review article which presents a general overview of the alkaline phosphatase. It even provides an overview into its differential expression and its function in liver.
    I think the 2nd is better since it provides a more of general overview as to what Alkaline phosphatase is and what are its functions. This is an excellent article to read before going into more detail about the kinetics of this enzyme. One can learn about the function of this enzyme too in detail.

  16. Chem442s15h

    1. searched acs publications: keyword search(activity and kinetics of alkaline phosphotase)article title-Phosphoralated intermediate of alkaline phosphotase. The article went in the experiment of measuring the phosphoralation in the steady state. It was conducted at various pH’s with differing results.Not very interesting.
    2.seached sci finder:keyword search(kinetics of alkaline phosphatase) article name-Relationship between the kinetics of alkaline phosphatase and aquatic plants in wetlands.The plants in the wetlands actually deactivated the enzyme.
    Actually either of these articles will work. The second article dealing with wetlands would probably be my first choice. This is because it was interesting and would facillitate my full attention. Generally I would just go with ACS publications because of its ease of use. This is the one exception where sci-finder proved to be the better choice for me

  17. Chem442s15m

    I used the RSC Journals and ACS Journals databases to find my articles. I used the keywords “alkaline phosphatase spectrophotometry” for my ACS search and the keywords “alkaline phosphatase color ” for my RSC search. The article I found in the ACS search was called “Investigations on the Alkaline Phosphatase Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Phosphoramidates. Substituent Effects and Transphosphorylation” and was related to alkaline phosphatase activity because they used a reaction that was detected by the change in optical density measured by alkaline phosphatase activity. The RSC article was titled “A new substrate for alkaline phosphatase based on quercetin pentaphosphate” and dealt with measuring alkaline phosphatase activity specifically through spectrophotometry. I think the RSC Journal article would be more helpful to me in my research because it specifically deals with measuring an alkaline phosphatase catalyzed reaction.

    ACS Journal Article

    RCS Journal Article!divAbstract

  18. Phillip Stickle

    Learning to Learn
    The two data bases that I did my research on were Compendex and Inspec. I did three searches on each database using the key words “ship, Draft, Measurement”. For the first I did Ship and draft, the second was Draft, and Measurement, and the Third was all three together with “and” operators. I did the same three searches on both databases in order to get an accurate comparison between the two. Both, in the end, needed all three keywords in order to narrow down the results. Compendex turned up the most articles that seemed to be potentially useful for my project. While Inspec did have a few useful articles, Compendex had most of the same ones and then some extras that Inspec did not have. For this reason Compendex seems to be the Database that i will be using for the majority of my research.

    Phillip Stickle

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