Preparing to Read

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Silvia Sala

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Silvia Sala

Academic reading can require more focus and energy than reading you may do in your free time. To help you focus during your next reading or homework session, be sure to prepare your workspace.

  • Select a space with good lighting and ventilation.
  • Select an appropriate space with minimal external distractions.
  • Be well-rested so that you don’t fall asleep.
  • Be sure to process, or temporarily put aside, any internal distractions (e.g., worries or concerns about other aspects of your life or other classes, etc.).
  • Warn others, physically and/or digitally, that you are studying, and ask them to not distract you.

1. Take or draw a picture of your prepared workspace. Use any computer drawing program (e.g., Paintshop, MS Paint, Google Draw, etc.) to draw your workspace, or use a pencil and paper to draw it. Then take a picture of the drawign with a camera.

2. Share your image.

5 thoughts on “Preparing to Read

  1. Natasha

    I like to study in my living room. I like studying here more than my bedroom because it doesn’t make me tired and I usually get more work done.


  2. Afshin Sedighian rasouli

    i Study in the library relaxing and sometime nice to be with friends. i have spend many many sleepless night in this building.


  3. Rebecca Strickland

    My favorite place to read for class is on my living room couch. It’s comfortable, but doesn’t put me to sleep like reading in bed. It’s also well lit, and as long as the television is off, and my kids are asleep it is relatively free from distractions! Some people prefer to read at a table or desk, but I find that being uncomfortable is a big distraction for me.


  4. Jamaal Hines

    I chose an area with good lighting, that was away from windows and tv’s in order to lessen distractions. I also muted my phone. In my work space, I have enough room to spread out my materials and realize concentrate on the information that I am reading/studying.


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